Hidden Meadows Tree Farm

Ordering Trees and Wreaths

Christmas trees and wreaths ordered online or by mail are sent to you directly from the farm and are delivered right to your door for your convienence. We ship our Christmas trees and wreaths via FedEx or UPS in special boxes or wreath cartons.

To guarantee freshness, we harvest our Christmas trees beginning in mid-November and ship to you during the first two weeks of December or as soon as possible after receiving your order.

At your request, we will return address your box or carton from Santa Claus, the North Pole and enclose a card from Santa himself. Or, if you are sending a tree or wreath to a relative or friend as a gift, we will, at your request, enclose a gift card to them from you at no extra charge.

Unfortunately, our online ordering system is currently undergoing some maintenance and will be available again soon.